It's Lame AF And I Don't Like It

The mind is willing, not only willing but eager and bursting with ideas. However my body is uncooperative. I still have very limited energy reserves. Every day I tell myself, "today is the day I start working in something again," but to no avail. I run out of steam and can barely get through the bare minimum of things like feeding myself, making sure I go for a walk and go to my counselling appointment. 

Taking care of my most basic needs has to be the priority, so why is it so damn hard to have a shower and brush my teeth? It's unsatisfying existing like this, but on the plus side since I started doing things like taking walks, eating, cutting back my workload, sleeping and going to all my mental health appointments, I haven't thought about killing myself. 

I guess that's progress. I'm impatient though. I want to do more than just cope, but I'm not physically capable of it right now. It's a bummer to be sure because I thrive on achievement. While some are content to hang out and chill, I get antsy. Sometimes I wish I was one of those people, but then I wouldn't be me and I like me.

I keep telling myself to be patient and trust that the time will come for me to become a force of creative productivity again. Oh how I long for it! Creating is a driving force in my life. It's more fulfilling than any relationship and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I know I've driven some people away because of my extreme focus on my creative projects, and I do lament it on a very deep level. However, my drive to create runs deeper than any sadness I feel towards the loss of loved ones. 

That is just my nature, and I can't deny it. I refuse to moralize it too. Call me selfish if you want, but it's not selfish to know oneself and acknowledge one's needs. Just because I'm not fulfilled by family and relationships like a lot of people are, doesn't make me an uncompassionate monster. I just know who I am, and creating provides me with a sense of purpose like nothing else in the world.

Aside from the fact that the creative process fulfills me, what I love about it, is sharing it. I have a difficult time connecting with people in conventional social situations. I'm painfully shy unless I'm on stage, and I hate being touched(unless it's under a very specific set of circumstances). Talking and touching seem to be the most common ways people connect, but it's not my cup of tea, so I'm grateful that I have the option of sharing my art as a means of connection.

I guess I'm just feeling so frustrated and isolated right now because I don't have the physical capacity to do the things that give me a sense of purpose and connection. It's lame as fuck and I don't like it.

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