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With the last drop of anesthetic I swallow
I see the bottom of the glass
I've drowned my pain and killed my joy
I poured out my soul
There's nothing left
I've become this vessel I'm hollow

There is no tomorrow can't see my past
I fell into the bottom of the glass
The party's over, everyone's gone
I am trapped inside
No where to go
Inside this place I'm fading fast

Death greets me but I don't want to follow
The end is at the bottom of the glass

I can't stop drowning myself in this hell I created
This is no way to live, but I'm not ready to die
I don't want to die, but I'm killing myself
I can't face what I've become so I just numb the world away

I try to look up and see a way out
Life's still a dim prospect
With nobody to help me from out of my cage
I've fallen again
With each sip I take I throw myself away x4

I'm waste inside the bottom of the glass
Will I ever see the light again
Save me from myself, my life this world of glass
Let me have another day outside this glass